Interactive 3D car model

Highly detailed model for interactive demonstration of products and services offered by "Coventya"

Modern cars are comprised of thousands of individual parts made up from many different materials including both metals and non-metals. Electroplating technology plays a crucial role in helping to achieve the physical and mechanical properties necessary to meet the stringent requirements of the Automotive Industry. "Coventya" is a global leader in specialty chemicals for the electroplating and surface treatment industry. Automotive OEM's recognize the value that surface treatment brings to their finished product. They understand that their reputation, future success, and most importantly, the safety of their customer can be just one bad design decision away. It is more important now than ever to choose the right surface finishing partner. Automotive design engineers from many of the world’s leading car manufacturers and tier one suppliers have come to rely upon "Coventya". Therefore, it was necessary to create an interactive and easy to perceive virtual 3D car model that would allow close-up look at the technologies developed by the company.

The model created by "D3" allows detailed look at the car and its various components, demonstrating the available technologies for corrosion protection, functional requirements and decorative surfaces. Model includes a user-friendly interface, high level of detail, as well as the identification of components, enabling an innovative way to demonstrate products and services provided by the company.

Technologies used: C#, Unity3D, Maya, 3ds Max, WebGL